Pizza Of Venice
We Believe in Homemade and Locally Sourced Ingredients.
We cure pancetta, brine and bake ham, prepare chorizo and pepperoni, braise lamb for hours, shop at local farmer’s markets, and make our own sauces like POV Hot sauce (our take on Barbadian Pepper Sauce) and Korean Sauce (sweet, sour and spicy Gochujang based chicken wing sauce).
Pizza Of Venice Believes in
Chef Creativity and Food Sustainability.

Which is why our menu often changes due to seasonality, ingredient availability and chef inspiration.

Pizza of Venice - Creativity and food Sustainability.
We Choose to Sell “Limeades” Instead of Soda.

Pizza Of Venice Limeades are a delicious infusion of fresh squeezed limes, blended fresh fruit, and water, sweetened to perfection. Pizza Of Venice believes in supporting local business which is why we shop at local farmer’s markets and partner with local business to create fun and enriching events.

At Pizza Of Venice
We Offer the Community
“Pizza with a Point of View”.

Sean & Jamie Bio
Photo of Sean St. John

Sean St. John

I grew up where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean on the tiny island of Barbados. The taste of sea water and the smell of African spices on the trails of the Saharan dust storms filled my senses as a child. Sweet Bajan golden apples, guavas, mangoes, giant breadfruits (don't sit under the tree), cherries and sour dunks shared with the occasional visiting monkey, were growing outside my childhood room. I lived on an old forte property with cannons and secrets, where my great grandfather planted the same trees I climbed. Almost all of my earliest memories include food and the ocean, either growing the food or catching and cooking fish.

Photo of Jamie Woolner

Jamie Woolner

Anyone who’s grown up in my hometown of Los Angeles knows that to live in LA and to explore LA are two different things. One can get locked into their routine, missing out on some of the world’s best taco trucks, BBQ and Dim Sum. I’ve been exploring the melting pot since I can remember. By bus, bicycle or car, I would take day trips with friends and spend my exorbitant allowance of $30 a month on a candy sweet stone crab claw with clarified butter, martian rock colored al pastor taco or an Italian sandwich with an oil slick thicker than the BP spill.



2545 N Fair Oaks Ave
Altadena, CA 91001

(626) 765-9636
  • Monday 12pm - 9pm
  • Tuesday - Thursday 12pm - 8:30pm
  • Friday - Saturday 12pm - 10pm
  • Sunday 12pm - 9pm
We deliver within the grey area on the map. We deliver within 5 Miles of POV $20 minimum + tax and an additional $3 delivery fee.

Delivery generally starts at 4pm.
*Call for early afternoon delivery.